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Global Warming and Global Seismic Activity

Properties of the atmosphere (a thermal interface between Earth and space) are directly responsible for so-called greenhouse effect, which changes the planetary thermal balance and causes Global Warming.

However, the atmosphere comprises only 0.0001% of the mass of Earth, so that focusing on climate (a condition of the atmosphere) means ignoring almost the entire system that experiences Global Warming.

Just as we do not try to predict habitability of a house by observing its exterior paint, we should avoid trying to predict habitability of planet Earth by restricting ourselves to observing climate.

The main danger for Earth and its inhabitants, although directly caused by properties of the atmosphere, is not in the atmosphere itself: it comes from the heat-generating planetary interior that is denied cooling.

In the last 40 years, when the average climate temperature changed a small fraction of 1 degree C, the annual earthquake energy has increased several-fold. This is not a theory - this is an observable fact.

This presentation demonstrates cause-effect relationships between Global Warming and systematic overheating of planetary interior, illustrated by research results as well as numerous observable and measured symptoms.

The key point of the presentation is that the solid inner core of Earth moves in the liquid planetary interior and parameters of this motion, presently phase-locked to position of the Moon by tidal forces, is critically important to Earth habitability.

Addressing the problem of Global Warming is far more urgent and leads to far greater dangers for habitability of Earth than it is implied by climate studies.

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