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Phaeton - planet that disappeared

from our Solar System Tom Chalko, MSc, PhD, also: Phaeton (Phaeton, Φαέθων) was a planet that has quite recently (less than ~3000 years ago) disappeared from our Solar System ... View PDF

Search for Life in Universe

This article aims to define Life and discusses strategies for exploring Life in the Universe.

Physics of Gravity

This article describes electromagnetic origin of gravity and describes techniques to generate gravitational field that has the opposite sign to that of Earth.

Astronomical error

Measurement of distances in astronomy requires considering optical properties of media through which light propagates. We show that currently adopted method of determining large distances in the Universe systematically overestimates astronomic distances and prevents properties of the intergalactic medium from being discovered. We show that distance measurement errors of the current method increase exponentially with […]

Estimating Ecentricity of Planetary and Stellar Cores

Eccentricity of solid cores suspended in liquid planetary/stellar interiors has never been considered possible, because there seemed to be no theoretical basis for such a consideration. This article presents an analysis of gravity-buoyancy equilibrium of a solid core in spherically symmetric pressure gradient of a spinning planet/star. Elementary mechanics suggests that if a solid core […]

Is chance or choice the essence of Nature?

Abstract At the beginning of the twenty first century the prevailing and vigorously defended view is that the Universe happened by chance. All fundamental sub-atomic processes are thought to be "random" and the only way to quantify them seems to be the "uncertainty" principle. Clearly, our conclusions about the Reality of the Universe are determined […]