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Consciousness and Immortality

What is Consciousness? Consciousness is a system of information processing. By “information processing” here we mean creating, sorting, interpreting, understanding, encoding, storing, retrieving, translating, transmitting, receiving, implementing and utilizing information. What is the difference between Consciousness and a computer, that is also a system of information processing? Consciousness is a system of information processing that […]

Introduction to Physics of Consciousness

The essence of Consciousness is the ability to process information. The necessary condition for information to exist is encoding. Without encoding information simply cannot exist. This article aims to determine physical nature of consciousness by determining the necessary requirements for the associated information encoding.

Is chance or choice the essence of Nature?

Abstract At the beginning of the twenty first century the prevailing and vigorously defended view is that the Universe happened by chance. All fundamental sub-atomic processes are thought to be "random" and the only way to quantify them seems to be the "uncertainty" principle. Clearly, our conclusions about the Reality of the Universe are determined […]

Conscious Control of Human State

Our results indicate that we could significantly intensify healing processes by performing conscious exercises. The article describes and quantifies a method of consciously improving the self-healing ability of the mind-body system, that has a potential to become a foundation of the natural self-healing medicine of the 21 century.