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Volume 2, March 2001

Thomas J. Chalko
Is Chance or Choice the essence of Nature?

At the beginning of the twenty first century the prevailing and vigorously defended view is that the Universe happened by chance. All fundamental sub-atomic processes are thought to be "random" and the only way to quantify them seems to be the "uncertainty" principle. Clearly, our conclusions about the Reality of the Universe are determined and limited by our imagination. Can we imagine alternatives? What if nothing in the Universe is by chance? Could it be by CHOICE?

Very few scientific principles had greater impact on humanity than Heisenberg's uncertainty principle even though the essence of the principle itself has always been highly controversial.

The origin of the uncertainty principle is very simple: we cannot imagine and conduct sufficiently accurate and non-invading experiments that would expose the reason for the non-deterministic behaviour of sub-atomic particles such as electrons. Heisenberg argued, that since the experimental study with any material apparatus has proven impossible, we do not need to create any theory, simply because we would never be able to verify it experimentally.

Instead, for practical reasons, he proposed to accept certain aspects of the sub-atomic reality as unknown and unexplorable. His uncertainty principle intelligently defined bounds of uncertainty and enabled us to use statistics as a way to quantify the sub-atomic processes. Heisenberg's approach turned out to be very practical and enabled the unprecedented development of material technology to take place. This in turn reinforced the belief in the correctness of the uncertainty principle. As a result, the uncertainty principle itself seems to enjoy the status of the Law of Nature and is no longer questioned.

The most famous challenger of the uncertainty principle was Albert Einstein, who kept expressing his disapproval for uncertainty as the basis of the Universe by saying that "God doesn't play dice". Although his view was that we should seek a sensible explanation for the observable non-deterministic behaviour of the sub-atomic world - he couldn't imagine any better alternative than the practical statistical approach of Heisenberg.

This article considers the possibility that was either overlooked or not sufficiently explored: that the non-deterministic behaviour of sub-atomic particles is a result of an intelligently encoded information transfer.

Results of electro-photonic experiments presented in this article suggest that the analysis of this concept may have an even greater impact on humanity than the uncertainty principle had. It is demonstrated that quantum encoded information transfer in Nature is not only feasible and highly probable, but it is an essential feature of material reality that enables us to determine and verify the Purpose of existence of the entire Universe.

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Volume 3, May 2001

Thomas J. Chalko
No second Chance: Can Earth Explode as a result of Global Warming?

Overheating the center of the inner core reactor due to the so­called greenhouse effect on the surface of Earth may cause the meltdown condition, enrichment of nuclear fuel and a gigantic atomic explosion.

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Volume 4 October 2004

Tom J Chalko
Estimating Ecentricity of Planetary and Stellar Cores

Eccentricity of solid cores suspended in liquid planetary/stellar interiors has never been considered possible, because there seemed to be no theoretical basis for such a consideration. This article presents an analysis of gravity-buoyancy equilibrium of a solid core in spherically symmetric pressure gradient of a spinning planet/star. Elementary mechanics suggests that if a solid core exists - it has to be eccentric. The eccentricity of the Earth core is estimated on the basis of the generally accepted Earth data. Results suggest that what is currently interpreted as a "spinning inner core anisotropy" can actually be caused by the eccentric core, phase locked to the position of the Moon. Full article PDF

Volume 5 May 2008

Tom J Chalko
Earthquake Energy Rise on Earth

This article presents a method of monitoring earthquake activity on the planetary scale using the data of all individual earthquakes on Earth since 1973, available from US Geological Survey (USGS). The method reveals that in the period of time when the planetary climate changed by a small fraction of one degree, earthquakes have become 5 times more energetic and that this increase is the strongest symptom yet of the global warming on Earth.
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Quake Energy Monitor software

Volume 6 March 2009

Tom J Chalko
Introduction to Physics of Consciousness

The essence of Consciousness is the ability to process information. The necessary condition for information to exist is encoding. Without encoding information simply cannot exist. This article aims to determine physical nature of consciousness by determining the necessary requirements for the associated information encoding.
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Tom J Chalko
Reconstructing data from alias-free discrete series of samples

There exists a widespread belief that a discrete series of samples does not contain enough information to reconstruct the continuous process that these samples represent. This article demonstrates that for a given series of discrete points there exists only one continuous process that has the bandwidth precisely equal to the Nyquist frequency.
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Tom J Chalko
Estimating Accuracy of GPS Doppler Speed Measurement using Speed Dilution of Precision (SDOP) parameter

This article presents a method for estimating the accuracy of GPS-Doppler speed measurement using Speed Dilution of Precision (SDOP) parameters newly introduced by SiRF. Direct measurements of GPS-Doppler speed errors are confronted with theoretical SDOP predictions. Comparison reveals that SDOP is a very useful and practical parameter for determining accuracy of GPS-Doppler speed measurement. It is demonstrated that 10-second average speed can be measured with accuracy better than 5 cm/s and confidence better than 99.9% using GT31 logger equipped with SiRF3 chipset.
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Volume 7 November 2011

Tom J Chalko
Does anti-matter matter?

Inability to explain the exact nature of gravity has been puzzling scientists and engineers on Earth since the times of Galileo and Newton. We clarify the definition of “mass” and consider the basic integral properties of matter together with anti-matter in the context of the entire Universe. We demonstrate a practical way of generating repulsive gravity force by imitating the integral properties of anti-atom in the macroscopic form. Experimental verification of presented gravity generation technique is obtained from astronomic observations.
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Tom J Chalko
Astronomical error

Measurement of distances in astronomy requires considering optical properties of media through which light propagates. We show that currently adopted method of determining large distances in the Universe systematically overestimates astronomic distances and prevents properties of the intergalactic medium from being discovered. We show that distance measurement errors of the current method increase exponentially with the measured distance and that cosmological conclusions based on distances from high-red-shift supernovae, such as the conclusion that the Universe accelerates its expansion, are likely to be incorrect, because they are based on large systematic and exponentially growing errors. In view of presented findings many astronomic observations may need to be re-interpreted.
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Volume 8 February 2013

Tom J Chalko
Necessary Condition for Evolution

Evolution of living organisms depends on information being passed from generation to generation. Without information transfer between generations of living organisms, evolution that we observe on Earth would not be possible. This article discusses the necessary condition for the evolution process to begin and continue. Full article PDF

Tom J Chalko
Search for Life in Universe

This article aims to define Life and discusses strategies for exploring Life in the Universe.
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Tom J Chalko
Physics of Gravity

This article describes electromagnetic origin of gravity and describes techniques to generate gravitational field that has the opposite sign to that of Earth.
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Volume 9 November 2015

Global Warming and Global Seismic Activity

Abstract. Properties of the atmosphere (a thermal interface between Earth and space) are directly responsible for so-called “greenhouse effect”, which changes the planetary thermal balance and causes Global Warming.

However, the atmosphere comprises only 0.0001% of the mass of Earth, so that focusing on “climate” (a condition of the atmosphere) means ignoring almost the entire system that experiences Global Warming.

Just as we do not try to predict habitability of a house by observing its exterior paint, we should avoid trying to predict habitability of planet Earth by restricting ourselves to observing climate.

The main danger for Earth and its inhabitants, although directly caused by properties of the atmosphere, is not in the atmosphere itself: it comes from the heat-generating planetary interior that is denied cooling.

In the last 40 years, when the average climate temperature changed a small fraction of 1 degree C, the annual earthquake energy has increased several-fold. This is not a theory – this is an observable fact.

This presentation demonstrates cause-effect relationships between Global Warming and systematic overheating of planetary interior, illustrated by research results as well as numerous observable and measured symptoms. read the article PDF

The key point of the presentation is that the solid inner core of Earth MOVES in the liquid planetary interior and parameters of this motion, presently phase-locked to position of the Moon by tidal forces, is critically important to Earth habitability.

Addressing the problem of Global Warming is far more urgent and leads to far greater dangers for habitability of Earth than it is implied by climate studies.

Volume 10 March 2020

Communicating disease and immune response
Tom Chalko MSc, PhD, 17 March 2020

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less...” Marie Sklodowska Curie (born 1867 Poland, died 1934 France)

Abstract: Growing number (currently about 15%) of cases of COVID-19 virus infections cannot be explained by “established mechanisms” such as transmission of virus proteins by direct mechanical contact with virus-contaminated surfaces or droplets. On the other hand the evidence emerges that the virus pandemic slows down much faster in areas where a large number of people have recovered after contracting the virus [2]. This article is an attempt to provide an explanation by considering a role of information processing and transfer in transmitting diseases and recovery. Discussion points out to a possibility of controlling pandemics in absence of vaccines.

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